Black Lives Matter


We, the Ephlats, stand in solidarity with the victims of police brutality and state-sanctioned violence, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and Ahmaud Arbery, and their families, along with the countless other Black lives that have been taken by both the police force and by individuals. Our outrage is not confined to these individuals or this current moment but rather the longer tradition in our nation of anti-Black racism and state sanctioned violence. As an organization with immense privilege, both racially and economically, we have an obligation to use this privilege for good. Thus we are organizing a fundraiser to support organizations committed to making Black life not only matter, but thrive. We encourage you, within your ability, to please join us in this fight. All proceeds will go to the following organizations:

Outside of our fundraiser we encourage you, if able, to set up recurring donations to the above organizations. Our work cannot stop here.

group pic

Though we trust that the wish for a better country and quality of life for Black people is enough of an incentive to donate, we do have some other fun encouragements as a thank you for your contribution. For each donation level, you will receive what is listed for that level, as well as all the lower levels!

Level You will receive:
$25 Your name will be added to a list of contributors on the official Ephlats website
$50 You will get a recording of a quartet of current Ephlats performing our group song "Helplessly Hoping"
$100 You will have access to the whole "quarantine album" of quartets
$200 You will get a recording of the entire group performing a song from our upcoming album! Sneak peak!
$300 Come sing with us in a virtual concert! You will get a 5-10 minute slot to perform. Full video will be streamed on YouTube. You're famous!
$500 We will record a personalized message for you; birthday wishes, pregnancy announcements, even a PROPOSAL?! Anything you'd like! In addition, you are entered into a raffle where one lucky winner will get to choose a song for the Ephlats to arrange, learn, and record. Any song. Even Fruit Salad, by the Wiggles.


Phlig community, thank you for your commitment to action when it is needed most. Please include your name, email, class year if you're a Williams alum, and whether you were a member of the Ephlats! Either email with the information, or include it in the comments section of the paypal payment.